Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift

Welcome Back To Our Mini Course

Hello there all my fine friends, we will look a little further today into how we can open our minds up and develop personally some more. Then Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift with us all and where we can find it for ourselves, following Kurek's video I have another small video of inspiration that I want to share with you all.

I want to encourage all that have been following my mini course since the first video to consider doing what I myself did last night . That was to bring up the blog Open Minds Create Wealth and go back to the start of the mini course and go through all the posts 1 to 8 with out stopping . I put all this together and could not get over how much I learnt from doing this instead of breaking it up into weekly posts .

I want you all to try and expand your thinking and practice having an open mind, as unfortunately we have all been conditioned by our upbringing and society to basicly accept the way things are. Do not take me the wrong way here, I am in no way suggesting that the people who love the way things are change, I am saying that those who do not accept the way things are can change it all so easily once taught how.

* To Be Successful at Anything*

You must first be open to opportunity and to be open to opportunities you will need to have an open mind , that questions all and is willing to try some thing a little different or be adventurous perhaps is a better word. That is why I appear to harp on having an open mind to be successful , it is without doubt the most important part and I had trouble myself discovering just how important.

Let's settle back now with our little note pads and listen as Sean Rasmussen discusses and finds out just how Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift with the world and how we can get access to this gift they speak of.

So there we have it and if you did not know of Kurek's book "How Would Love Respond" then I appologise for not telling you earlier. This book was written by Kurek and became a world best seller , this time last year and I have never read a book more powerful and inspiring about what a human can endure and still become successful. It is in this book that he talks about The Gift and what it all means, I would recommend you get yourself a copy and read it for yourself, I have read mine twice and treasure it. Click to order here "How Would Love Respond"

Here Is You Bonus of Inspiration

There is one thing that we all have in common. That some point in our life, we will face adversity. It's not a matter of if but...when.

In my 58 years on this earth, I have come to realize that the difference in our success or failure is not change, but choice. Because when adversity strikes, it's not what happens that will determine our destiny; it's how we react to what happens. I want to sign of now my friends and pray that you will also discover how Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift.

Hey.......Life Is Good........

Allen Sentance

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spirituality Creates Open Minds

Hello again all my great friends, I want to talk a little on Spirituality today and please do not confuse Religion with Spirituality as a lot of folks tend to do.

Up until 2yrs ago I did not really understand the principles of spirituality or how it was not a religion . I now understand how the universe and spirituality are in unison or as one, and I also now understand just how Spirituality Creates Open Minds and then makes you recognize all the opportunities in your life and how best to use these.

You see my friends we all have access to more opportunities than we will ever need on a daily basis, which the universe has created for us and will continue to create for us. Yet there is one catch, you must learn how to be in tune and in sinc with the universe to be able to identify these opportunities. You guessed it, you need to be in tune with the universe so it will create your open mind.... then and only then will you be able to use your open mind to recognize the opportunities required to help you achieve all you want from life.

I am not here to explain the finer aspects of spirituality, I only hope to enlighten you all enough to look a little deeper into the subject, it is a fact that so many people are now turning to spirituality as more and more evidence of it's successful use becomes available.
Those who have a closed mind to life and opportunities around them , unfortunately will never find success of any kind in their lives, and will complain how bad the world is.

Ok then guy's & gal's lets take a look at the next video #8 where Sean Rasmussen interviews Kurek Ashley who will further touch on our subject of how Spirituality Creates Open Minds and good examples of how to use all of these principles.

I do hope Kurek Ashley has further enlightened you on the subject of spirituality, and also you are beginning to grasp some of what these mini lessons are trying to achieve for you all, I have made it one of my goals in life to help and enlighten as many people as possible to find their true potential and not accept a life of struggle and hardship when all they need is to use their god given powers. Regardless of what you attempt in life believe me , I am living proof of a person who turned this all round by developing an open mind and and understanding spirituality. Yes Spirituality Creates Open Minds and also creates a new world for you and your loved ones.

Hey......Life Is Good.......

Allen Sentance

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Comunicate With Yourself and Other People

Hello all , we would like to bring up for you today the discussion of How To Communicate With Yourself and Other People.

I know it sounds a little strange to think that we need to learn just how to communicate with ourselves, let me tell you from first hand experience that it would probably be considered more important to communicate with yourself before you even attempt to communicate with any great effect towards others. You will need to feel good about yourself in order to be able to convey true meaning and communication with other people, and one way to feel good about yourself is to ask yourself quality questions and be honest with your answers. Also always be grateful for what you have and proud of who you are, never under any circumstances attempt to compare yourself with some one else as you are beautiful and unique (one of a kind).

Next we need to also look at How To Communicate with Other People in order to be successful at almost any thing you want to achieve in your life. So many people have all the skills and knowledge to be successful yet without good communication skills with others they are destined for sure to failure. You will learn that good communication can some times be achieved by simply changing some basic and minor wording. Two good examples are where you use such words as - and or but - so small yet carry a lot of meaning, as Kurek Ashley and Sean Rasmussen will discuss in todays Video #7.

So as I have suggested all along I do hope you have been taking some notes with your interpretation so you can revise these mini lessons as we work towards developing ourselves to become better and more successful in our lives. I am sure you will be a little more informed after today's video, as to How To Communicate With Yourself and Other People more effectively.

The mini lessons shall continue along with more video's in our next post, where we will cover some more points that will help you get started towards your personal development and a brighter future for you and your loved ones. I will also suggest at this point that you go back over the video's and your notes regularly so as to instill the meaning of these hints and tips into your mind. You will begin to discover that by going over them and doing the revision, so much of the content will become clearer.

Remember guy's please take all these mini lessons deadly serious and you will soon find the true meaning and just how powerful some very minor changes can improve your overall future and happiness, practice all we have gone over so far and especially today's lesson of How To Communicate With Yourself and Other People.

Hey......Life Is Good........

Allen Sentance
Number One !!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

People Should All Over Themselves

Quite an interesting title for this blog post and once you read it and view the Video after it , you will understand exactly why People Should All Over Themselves and never ever seem to get out of the rat race. We hear people say far to often that they should have done this or should have done that, I know of no one who ever achieved anything in life through this kind of action, of should have.

More folks need to learn what is holding them back in life and just how simply they can change the direction of their life by making decisions..............yes!! decisions or should we say here indecisions are what create poor results. You must make decisions and follow up with the activity to get any sort of result in life. So do yourself a favor, if you have been one who continually avoids making decisions in the hope that you won't make any mistakes, stop now and turn it all around before you too Should All Over Yourself like 95% of the population.

Here now is Kurek Ashley with a lesson on decision making and how to follow through with the decision and then also how to invest in yourself.
Kurek Ashley, international bestselling author of How Would Love Respond, is interviewed about peak performance by Sean Rasmussen.

Kurek Ashley is a great teacher and has a fantastic ability to convey a message or meaning accross to you, one of the most rewarding decisions I have made in the last 12 months has been to sign up to the Life Success Club with Kurek. When you start to make decisions regularly and follow through with the actions no matter how small, they will effect the results you get in your life without question, I have done this.

Next week my friends I will be showing you all a video of me making one of my major decisions in life to reinforce to you all how soon the results begin. I made this decision only 8 months ago and have been following through ever since, my life today is full of promise and a brighter future I have never had . See you all next week when we see why I made the decision to change and how People Should All Over Themselves too often.

Hey....Life Is Good.....
Number One !!
Allen Sentance

Friday, June 26, 2009

Think Freedom and Become Free I DID

Why I am More Excited Today Than Ever!!
Only two years ago I was a person going about life in a methodical manner, day in and day out just as society had conditioned me for the past 50 yrs. All the time thinking that working hard was going to deliver me from this modern day slavery, they call a FREE world .

Well if that were to be true I thought, I should be a millionaire by now, it was then I realised that I was performing just as society had molded me, go to school, I DID.......get a good education, I DID...... Get an apprenticeship or trade, I DID......Work hard and teach your children the same, I DID............

All of the above I excelled in and I raised my family the same way........only to now find out that you will always live a reasonably comfortable with this formula, Yet you will never be truly FREE as we were all meant to be. I had basicly hit the wall in my life and started to ask - What is life all about ?? There has to be more to it than this ??

Then through depression and asking myself numerous confronting questions, I found that there is a way to FREEDOM, I just had never been shown !! All this time I had let others determine the life I was to live and 90% of the population are currently doing the same as I had for 50 yrs !!
Well My Dear Friends & Readers
- This Shocking SECRET !! Sit Down While I Tell You

This will not take all that long because the truth is there is NO SECRET !!


Freedom as it should be is available to each and every person on this earth. You are the master of your own destiny & your decisions determine your outcomes in life. It is that simple and there is no denying this, all my decisions in the past had delivered me to where I was in life. Huh Huh ! I said once I came to realise this......So now all I need to do is change my decisions (thinking) and then I will undoubtedly change my situation or outcome.

Now in just 18 months of practicing the system of making decisions that were in my best interests and not some one else's, along with change of mindset and focusing on what I want to achieve in my life, has bought me to perhaps the most exciting time in my life. Believe me friends the changes in my life are all related to the way I now think and that can also be yours if you so choose. I am the living proof of what just changing your thinking can achieve for you.

hey.......Life Is Good.......Just try a little today

Allen Sentance
P.S. My Lifes Goal & Passion Now
I want to become the Inspiration for those that say it cannot be done or that they are too old now, then teach as many as possible to find the real FREEDOM in life. You Can Do This To!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind.

Welcome to you all for Parts 4 & 5 of Kurek Ashley interview by Sean Rasmussen.

I want to share two short video's with you to-day , and I will start now with the first one that will begin to cover our subjects of Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind. So before you start to watch these, grab a cuppa coffee and a note pad to expand on your notes to gain the most benefit from them.

That video was one that had a lot to do with me effecting change in my life, that was needed by me before I could really progress any further with my quest for an open mind and personal development. Believe me I started just as you are now by finding any thing I could,that was relevant to what I wanted to learn. Then it was just a matter of becoming hungry enough to want to learn & change. I became a sponge.

Featured Points of Video #4 You may want to note

  • Balance in Life
  • Spirituality
  • Health & Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
Gratitude was the biggie in that list, and once you learn to be grateful for what you do have in your life, it is so much easier to understand that life is in fact quite good. From there you can move on and make the little shifts & changes necessary that the average person will not take the time to do. The personal development required here is very little to make a major impact on your life a little further on in your life, yet so many folks (ordinary people) are not willing to do that little bit extra. That is what separates successes from failures.

We will now show the next Video that will further expand on Gratitude , and move into the area of self-improvement mind power or as outlined previously, Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind and learning how to adapt and evolve with our ever changing world. For those that learn to change and evolve will be the successful . Average people will never do this yet will tell you how rotten life is.

Well that is our lessons for this week , I do hope you are beginning to see that you do not need to take risks in life like the stock market trader, all you need to do is begin to understand how much your life is influenced by communicating & thinking in a slightly different way, and just how much difference it will create in the outcome. I have become very passionate about what has been taught to me and passing it on to others, so I will return soon with more insights and video's on Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind .

Kurek Ashley With My Wife Sandra & I in Brisbane recently.

DSCF2929 is good......

Allen Sentance

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Create Empowering Habits

Hello again to you all , first up I feel I must apologise to you all for missing last weeks post and it will not happen again. I was lucky enough to spend a week away on the lovely Island of Vanuatu with my beautiful wife Sandra and my friend and mentor Sean Rasmussen, who had his wife Cherie and their sons there as well.

Also with us were other members of our internet marketing group, who had travelled there for a group session with us all. We were in fact gathered there for an internet workshop with none other than Sean Rasmussen who you will see a little later in the video for today where both him and Kurek Ashley will be discussing how to Create Empowering Habits and move on with your life to achieve success in more ways than just wealth and money.

Just before we get to the work side of things and how internet marketing and the wright mindset will infact set you up for a very fullfilling life, I would love to show off a couple of pics from Vanuatu that will maybe wet your appetite to want to set yourself some goals to achieve the time and money to be able to visit these sorts of places when you want & with who you want & not have to worry about the cost or having to be back for work. You see only 2 yrs ago that was me who could not afford to leave work long enough to give my wife a great island holiday or any kind of break.

This is my best mate and lovely wife for the past 36 years and believe me you have no idea how good I feel to be able to take her on such a great holiday and watch her glow, as we do and enjoy things that we never could once . Sandra deserves all this and more, so I intend to make sure this is not a splash in the pan that we need to work for the next 2 yrs to pay of the credit card. Sandra and myself are not trying to impress you, yet we do hope you can draw from learning about us and that you can achieve what you want from life with out having to be a slave to the job or do things only when you had enough money or if your boss said you could have the time off.

As we were shown how to change our circumstances simply by understanding what made us tick and that success is just as easy as failure and is far more enjoyable. We were shown that all humans are creatures of habit and unfortunately most of those habits do not favor what we all want from life. It is a fact that where you are and what you have has come from all the decisions you have made up to now in life, the decisions you made were all influenced by your habits.

Are we ringing any bells yet ? So it stands to reason that if we are not happy where we are then we need to change what got us here, our thoughts and actions were influenced by our habits. Lets say we start to change our habits and they begin to influence our thoughts and actions, that then has to give us a different result.

So working in this fashion it is not a matter of getting rid of your habits, as we all need habits to function. In today's video Kurek and Sean will out line in detail just how to Create Empowering Habits instead of Disempowering Habits. So listen carefully to their message and I suggest you take notes in the form that you can relate to. What they teach is all they taught Sandra and I when we started and made the decision to change, no hocus pocus just learn from the successful people then copy or model them. Mind you we are still learning and still have a long way to go.

Video Lesson #3

I really hope you are beginning to get some benefit from what Kurek is explaining to us, you can then start to implement it to your every day life and the changes will begin . The first to notice you changing is generally your family or close friends and you will know how you are going by how you begin to make them comment. Do not worry or let any negative comments discourage you as they are just expressing the difference in you.

I will leave you all now to this weeks video and see you with our next post and video, remember treat this mini course very seriously and go over the material and video's as often as it takes to Create Empowering Habits, or until you feel you understand the lessons , as we all interpret things differently. is good.........

Allen Sentance

Monday, April 13, 2009

Positive Steps Towards Personal Development

Welcome all, and we will today carry on from the last post, where we out lined what we will be doing over the next few weeks to get those who are looking towards a more fulfilling life or introducing change, to a starting point of what is required. Some important points you may like to consider & ask questions about to yourself.
  • Am I happy with with my life where it is at the moment
  • How can I introduce change into my life and get better results
  • When will I introduce the required steps needed to alter my course
  • Why do I want to change my life in the first place
  • How do I do this on my own
There are many more such questions that you will need to ask yourself and know what your answers are, as to change will take some commitment , and there will be some set backs from time to time. In other words, you will need to know WHY you are introducing Positive Steps Towards Personal Development when the going gets tough and you want to quit.

A tip for you at this point, when you are asking yourself these questions you must learn to ask quality questions , in order to get quality answers. If you ask yourself questions in a negative way you will only get negative answers and they will bring you down, where as quality and positive answers will inspire and lift you up.
Here are some examples :
  • I can't afford to buy that car...............Negative question
  • What do I need to do to be able to afford that car............Quality question
  • Every body dislikes me................Negative question
  • How can I get them to like me.............Quality question
I hope I have explained that so you get what I mean, it sounds so simple yet believe me just by the way you ask yourself questions will make all the difference to the quality of your answers. You can then make quality and positive decisions based on the quality answers, the alternative is poor and negative questions will always give poor and negative answers which will cause you to make poor, negative decisions.

For a lot of people this would be all they need to learn and the difference it would make in their life would absolutely amaze you over a 12 month period. So I now want to encourage you to think about your life and what you want to achieve from it and if in fact you want to change and achieve more. Get a small note pad this week and write all your questions and answers down for future reference only and keep it private if you like it is only for your reference, later on as we progress through this.

When should you introduce the changes ? well when do you want to start changing and are you serious about changing, I suggest NOW and if not sooner. Please do not be like I and thousands of others, I would continually have great intentions and regularly would say to time, start tomorrow, I can't do that, I havn't got time, next year or one day.......This went on for the better part of my life and in fact was the very reason I wanted to change, to shut my negative self up and TRY.

I recommend also you try and be humble enough to let others give you information and guidance as to the best steps to start with, and try to find a mentor as soon as possible. My interpretation of a mentor is some one you admire greatly look up to as a role model and you would like to be similar to or in the same position as . This mentor can be any one any where in the world and you do not need permission to have them as a mentor. You then study them, find out what they did in life to get where they are and you copy or model them , if you are fortunate enough to have a role model as a friend then all the better.

I am giving only suggestions here of how I introduced Positive Steps and Personal Development into my life, I did not do it alone and still seek out those who can deliver me to even greater heights. Now I will leave you all with the second video of Sean Rasmussen interviewing Kerek Ashley about his story of what it takes to be successful . I am one of the fortunate as both these men are my friends and mentors. Video #2

I really hope you have picked up some information here that will assist you piecing together all the steps required to help you along your way and if you feel there may be others who could benefit by these mini lessons, give them the link and invite them also as I would love to show them too the Positive Steps Towards Personal Development. Remember also to always Keep an Open Mind.

your friend

Allen Sentance

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kuek Ashley Delivers Belief and Inspiration

Have you ever been at a level in your life where you feel down hearted, uninspired, no belief in your true ability & down rite looking for a way to turn this all around, of cause you have and you would not be human if you hadn't. My friends and readers, today I want to introduce you all to Kurek Ashley, a man who truly Delivers Belief and Inspiration to any one facing any challenge in life and he will remove all your constricting beliefs and perceptions (excuses) at the same time.

A good friend and mentor of mine Sean Rasmussen invited his life coach and mentor along to an internet workshop we were having in Brisbane Australia only 2 weeks ago, yes you guessed it, he was in fact Kureck Ashley. Sean wanted Kurek to speak to us all and share his story of how he became an international best selling author and a Peak Performance Coach who took Australia's Natalie Cook on to win gold in beach volley ball at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Sean himself is such a wonderful and compassionate man that he wanted Kurek to instill into us what he had taught Sean , I will be forever grateful for Sean firstly and Kurek who then delivered one of the most powerful and lifechanging talks that I have ever been exposed to in my entire life. I cannot explain here the details due to the long explanation required, what I can tell you all is I had a few hangups and challenges I was dealing with at the time and at the end of Kureks talk of around 2 hours I was so empowered and full of renewed belief in myself , that I stood in the room and declared publically to Kuek that he had just delivered me from all my restricting beliefs.

Friends it was life changing for me and I pray that one day you will get to meet the most inspiring and beautiful man, up until you do, make sure you get yourself a copy of his international best selling book "How Would Love Respond by Kurek Ashley. That book in itself will describe the man and his story, which when I first read could not believe a human being could do. Without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read and I am re-reading it now.

You will soon discover how Kurek Ashley Delivers Belief and Inspiration to other people and why Sean wanted his students to experience the lessons in Kurek Ashley's life story. I have since spoken with all the others who were present and they were all blown away so to speak, and there were others present that also declared that Kuek had removed restricting barriers for them and had a major effect on their future.

Sean Rasmussen is my life coach,mentor and friend who has put together a number of video's of himself interviewing Kurek Ashley back when he launched his international best selling book How Would Love Respond, 2008. Sean has advised me that I am free to share these with my readers. So for all my friends and followers of my bloggs, here is my gift to you all, for the next few weeks I will share a video with you all until we have seen them all. I will keep them in the order that Sean has them, so now I want to introduce you to Video #1

My whole intention of this blog Open Minds Create Wealth, is to pass on to my readers what I have been fortunate enough to have learnt from some of the most inspiring and successful people I have met , while I have been learning myself and building an Internet Business. So friends you may want to follow along over the next few weeks with me and find out how to build a successful Mindset and go on to be successful at whatever you want to accomplish in life.

Remember as we are learning we will have the added benefit of the video series Sean put together , which will show us how Kurek Ashley Delivers Belief and Inspiration to folks who are wanting a positive and successful change in their lives. Thank you Sean for letting us share your video's and thankyou readers, I will see you all here at our next post as we progress and learn together. is good.......

Allen Sentance Fisherman

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Introduction To Fishermans New Mindset & Wealth Blog

Well for all those interested in the Author of this new blog ...Fisherman... as all his friends know him as see one of his daily Mission Statements below.

I AM A MINDSET MASTER ON A MISSION FOR CHILDREN “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Believe it or not, I (Fisherman) read that statement out loud every day at least once & on many occasions twice, you see I have become very passionate about 3 things over the last 12 months.

* Change & Create a Winning Mindset

* Create Passive Income Businesses in Millions of Dollars

* Help Orphaned, Starving & unfortunate Children Globally

A big task indeed you may say, and only two years ago I would have been the first to agree with you. Now my friends I have started on my journey to achieve all of the above in the next 5 years, and I am 6 months only into this Goal I have set myself, and already I have started to achieve a Mindset that has convinced me my goals are in fact now in sight and are going to infact happen.

At this point I wish to invite you to become a follower of me on this journey as I venture into areas of my life I have never before explored . Because of my previous procrastinations and the comfort zone which I became a slave to like most do, I was a disillusioned man suffering from depression & disappointment about where I had gone wrong in my life.

In just 12 short months after I decided this had to all change I have managed with the help of some wonderful people and mentors who are now in some cases my friends, to get myself to a point in my life where I believe and know for certain all of the above statements are soon to become realities. Now I am that excited about what I have learnt and discovered.....I want to become a teacher of these principles to all those who have an open mind & have chosen to make a change in their lives just as I did.

Your part in all of this, is to become a follower of my blog posts & teaching as I move towards my life Goals, then friends I want you to keep me accountable and guide me and share with me as we travel this journey to-gether. is good.......

Allen Sentance