Wednesday, July 8, 2009

People Should All Over Themselves

Quite an interesting title for this blog post and once you read it and view the Video after it , you will understand exactly why People Should All Over Themselves and never ever seem to get out of the rat race. We hear people say far to often that they should have done this or should have done that, I know of no one who ever achieved anything in life through this kind of action, of should have.

More folks need to learn what is holding them back in life and just how simply they can change the direction of their life by making decisions..............yes!! decisions or should we say here indecisions are what create poor results. You must make decisions and follow up with the activity to get any sort of result in life. So do yourself a favor, if you have been one who continually avoids making decisions in the hope that you won't make any mistakes, stop now and turn it all around before you too Should All Over Yourself like 95% of the population.

Here now is Kurek Ashley with a lesson on decision making and how to follow through with the decision and then also how to invest in yourself.
Kurek Ashley, international bestselling author of How Would Love Respond, is interviewed about peak performance by Sean Rasmussen.

Kurek Ashley is a great teacher and has a fantastic ability to convey a message or meaning accross to you, one of the most rewarding decisions I have made in the last 12 months has been to sign up to the Life Success Club with Kurek. When you start to make decisions regularly and follow through with the actions no matter how small, they will effect the results you get in your life without question, I have done this.

Next week my friends I will be showing you all a video of me making one of my major decisions in life to reinforce to you all how soon the results begin. I made this decision only 8 months ago and have been following through ever since, my life today is full of promise and a brighter future I have never had . See you all next week when we see why I made the decision to change and how People Should All Over Themselves too often.

Hey....Life Is Good.....
Number One !!
Allen Sentance

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  1. Very good post. If you keep saying you should have...guess what? you never will! Something to think about.