Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift

Welcome Back To Our Mini Course

Hello there all my fine friends, we will look a little further today into how we can open our minds up and develop personally some more. Then Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift with us all and where we can find it for ourselves, following Kurek's video I have another small video of inspiration that I want to share with you all.

I want to encourage all that have been following my mini course since the first video to consider doing what I myself did last night . That was to bring up the blog Open Minds Create Wealth and go back to the start of the mini course and go through all the posts 1 to 8 with out stopping . I put all this together and could not get over how much I learnt from doing this instead of breaking it up into weekly posts .

I want you all to try and expand your thinking and practice having an open mind, as unfortunately we have all been conditioned by our upbringing and society to basicly accept the way things are. Do not take me the wrong way here, I am in no way suggesting that the people who love the way things are change, I am saying that those who do not accept the way things are can change it all so easily once taught how.

* To Be Successful at Anything*

You must first be open to opportunity and to be open to opportunities you will need to have an open mind , that questions all and is willing to try some thing a little different or be adventurous perhaps is a better word. That is why I appear to harp on having an open mind to be successful , it is without doubt the most important part and I had trouble myself discovering just how important.

Let's settle back now with our little note pads and listen as Sean Rasmussen discusses and finds out just how Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift with the world and how we can get access to this gift they speak of.

So there we have it and if you did not know of Kurek's book "How Would Love Respond" then I appologise for not telling you earlier. This book was written by Kurek and became a world best seller , this time last year and I have never read a book more powerful and inspiring about what a human can endure and still become successful. It is in this book that he talks about The Gift and what it all means, I would recommend you get yourself a copy and read it for yourself, I have read mine twice and treasure it. Click to order here "How Would Love Respond"

Here Is You Bonus of Inspiration

There is one thing that we all have in common. That some point in our life, we will face adversity. It's not a matter of if but...when.

In my 58 years on this earth, I have come to realize that the difference in our success or failure is not change, but choice. Because when adversity strikes, it's not what happens that will determine our destiny; it's how we react to what happens. I want to sign of now my friends and pray that you will also discover how Kurek Ashley Shares The Gift.

Hey.......Life Is Good........

Allen Sentance