Friday, June 26, 2009

Think Freedom and Become Free I DID

Why I am More Excited Today Than Ever!!
Only two years ago I was a person going about life in a methodical manner, day in and day out just as society had conditioned me for the past 50 yrs. All the time thinking that working hard was going to deliver me from this modern day slavery, they call a FREE world .

Well if that were to be true I thought, I should be a millionaire by now, it was then I realised that I was performing just as society had molded me, go to school, I DID.......get a good education, I DID...... Get an apprenticeship or trade, I DID......Work hard and teach your children the same, I DID............

All of the above I excelled in and I raised my family the same way........only to now find out that you will always live a reasonably comfortable with this formula, Yet you will never be truly FREE as we were all meant to be. I had basicly hit the wall in my life and started to ask - What is life all about ?? There has to be more to it than this ??

Then through depression and asking myself numerous confronting questions, I found that there is a way to FREEDOM, I just had never been shown !! All this time I had let others determine the life I was to live and 90% of the population are currently doing the same as I had for 50 yrs !!
Well My Dear Friends & Readers
- This Shocking SECRET !! Sit Down While I Tell You

This will not take all that long because the truth is there is NO SECRET !!


Freedom as it should be is available to each and every person on this earth. You are the master of your own destiny & your decisions determine your outcomes in life. It is that simple and there is no denying this, all my decisions in the past had delivered me to where I was in life. Huh Huh ! I said once I came to realise this......So now all I need to do is change my decisions (thinking) and then I will undoubtedly change my situation or outcome.

Now in just 18 months of practicing the system of making decisions that were in my best interests and not some one else's, along with change of mindset and focusing on what I want to achieve in my life, has bought me to perhaps the most exciting time in my life. Believe me friends the changes in my life are all related to the way I now think and that can also be yours if you so choose. I am the living proof of what just changing your thinking can achieve for you.

hey.......Life Is Good.......Just try a little today

Allen Sentance
P.S. My Lifes Goal & Passion Now
I want to become the Inspiration for those that say it cannot be done or that they are too old now, then teach as many as possible to find the real FREEDOM in life. You Can Do This To!!