Sunday, May 31, 2009

Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind.

Welcome to you all for Parts 4 & 5 of Kurek Ashley interview by Sean Rasmussen.

I want to share two short video's with you to-day , and I will start now with the first one that will begin to cover our subjects of Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind. So before you start to watch these, grab a cuppa coffee and a note pad to expand on your notes to gain the most benefit from them.

That video was one that had a lot to do with me effecting change in my life, that was needed by me before I could really progress any further with my quest for an open mind and personal development. Believe me I started just as you are now by finding any thing I could,that was relevant to what I wanted to learn. Then it was just a matter of becoming hungry enough to want to learn & change. I became a sponge.

Featured Points of Video #4 You may want to note

  • Balance in Life
  • Spirituality
  • Health & Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
Gratitude was the biggie in that list, and once you learn to be grateful for what you do have in your life, it is so much easier to understand that life is in fact quite good. From there you can move on and make the little shifts & changes necessary that the average person will not take the time to do. The personal development required here is very little to make a major impact on your life a little further on in your life, yet so many folks (ordinary people) are not willing to do that little bit extra. That is what separates successes from failures.

We will now show the next Video that will further expand on Gratitude , and move into the area of self-improvement mind power or as outlined previously, Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind and learning how to adapt and evolve with our ever changing world. For those that learn to change and evolve will be the successful . Average people will never do this yet will tell you how rotten life is.

Well that is our lessons for this week , I do hope you are beginning to see that you do not need to take risks in life like the stock market trader, all you need to do is begin to understand how much your life is influenced by communicating & thinking in a slightly different way, and just how much difference it will create in the outcome. I have become very passionate about what has been taught to me and passing it on to others, so I will return soon with more insights and video's on Creating Positive Balance by Reprogramming Your Mind .

Kurek Ashley With My Wife Sandra & I in Brisbane recently.

DSCF2929 is good......

Allen Sentance

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  1. I love Kurek recounting the story of giving John Travolta the tour of his Hotel Cadillac. It makes me grateful for all I have.

    Challenges in life make us grow... face them head on... it's the only way!

    Thanks for sharing (((HUGS)))